Top 10 Jordan Brand Collaborations

Top 10 Jordan Brand Collaborations
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The O.G. Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’ is considered by many sneakerheads as the most important sneaker release ever. Dropping in 1985, the Air Jordan I generated never-before-seen hype when it was banned by the NBA.  It also was the shoe worn by the man who would arguably become the greatest basketball player ever.

The Jordan Brand became synonymous with cool and has since become a staple in pop culture. The Jordan Jumpman logo is a symbol of quality and exclusivity. It was only natural that Jordan Brand would begin to collaborate with brands and artists that represented greatness, coolness and exclusivity. We’re taking a look at the top 10 Jordan Brand Collaborations. 

10. Public School X Jordan Melo M11

Public School is no stranger to collaborating with Jordan Brand, their Air Jordan 1 PSNY was close to making this list. However their Jordan Melo M11 comes in at number 10. Why? The sneakers, inspired by Metro Cards, showed up on the internet but never got a release date. They’re beyond exclusive because they may not even exist. 

9. Slam Dunk X Jordan

Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk manga often featured its characters rocking Air Jordans. A team up with the Jordan Brand was a no brainer. Inoue was allowed to design not one but two pairs of Jordans. His Air Jordan 6 and Super.Fly 3 represent two eras of flight and feature reflective graphics from his Slam Dunk series.

8. Lance Mountain X Nike SB Air Jordan 1

The mismatched Air Jordan 1 SBs designed by Lance Mountain inspired two similar colorways recently. Designed with an extra layer of wear-away paint to pay homage to the skaters from the 80s who often extended the life of their sneakers. This release will always be a favorite for hardcore sneakerheads and skaters. 

7. Sole Fly X Air Jordan 3 Retro 'Lotto'

Sole Fly is one of the best sneaker shops in Miami; the Air Jordan 3 Retro is one of the best sneakers ever. It only made sense for a collaboration between the two. Inspired by the heritage of the shop’s staff, the Sole Fly ‘Lottery’ 3 added some South Beach flair to the O.G. Air Jordan 3 ‘Cement’ 3. A “major key” to grabbing a pair of these extremely limited releases was being a friend or family member of DJ Khaled.

6. Public School X Air Jordan 10

Another mysterious Public School and Jordan Brand collaboration is the 2015 Air Jordan 10 release. They unveiled two different and highly coveted colorways of the Air Jordan 10 that were never released. It seems that the release was exclusive to friends and family of the brand.  

5. Supreme X Air Jordan 5

Supreme has been racking up sneakerhead cred for years with its collaborations. But it took its game to a different level in 2015 when they finally linked up with Jordan Brand. Supreme’s Air Jordan 5 capsule became one of the most sought after drops of 2015. The release featured three distinct colorways, each garnering their own insane levels of hype. When the best streetwear brand of all time connects with the greatest basketball brand of all time, you get one of the greatest releases of all time. 

fragment design X Air Jordan 1

When the Godfather of streetwear, Hiroshi Fujiwara finally got a chance to design an Air Jordan everyone took notice. Fujiwara remixed the original 'Black Toe' colorway and added fragment's bolt on the heel. Released in limited quantities in 2014, the shoe remains one of the most popular in the game. 

3. Craig Stecyk X Nike SB Air Jordan 1

We heard rumors for years that a Jordan Brand and Nike Skateboarding collaboration was in development. It finally happened in 2014 and it did not disappoint. Craig Stecyk was chosen to design the Nike SB Air Jordan 1. Stecyk pulled cues from his ‘Northwest Passage’ art gallery showing in the late-80s giving the sneaker an iridescent finish and tribal heel branding.

2. UNDFTD X Air Jordan 4 Retro

There could be an argument that the first collaboration for Jordan Brand is the best. Releasing in 2005, The UNDFTD 4 is an olive suede design inspired by the iconic MA-1 flight jacket. The release was limited to only 72 pairs and still continues to be coveted by collectors. 

1. Eminem X Air Jordan 4

Perhaps the most collectible Jordan in history, The ‘Eminem’ 4 has sold on the open market for $30,000. Limited to only 50 pairs created exclusively for Eminem’s friends and family. The ‘Eminem’ 4 is one the most sought after sneakers of all time. 

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