Street Artists Undress Trump: "The Emperor Has No B**LS"

Street Artists Undress Trump: "The Emperor Has No B**LS"
INDECLINE via instagram

GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump has made a lot of people uncomfortable with his polarizing political views and off the cuff commentary. His tactics of dressing down his critics with personal insults (Check out this list of the 250 people and places Trump has insulted on Twitter) and disrespectful mocking has drawn the ire of Anarchist street artist group INDECLINE

The group has chosen to symbolically undress The Donald by releasing a series of life-sized nude Trump statues in Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Cleveland and San Francisco. The statutes started popping up early Thursday morning and according to witnesses were left behind by unidentified men dressed in construction uniforms. 


This is not the first time INDECLINE has attacked Trump through art, back in April they took responsibility for the infamous "Rape Trump" mural in Tijuana, Mexico. The mural was painted on the U.S.-Mexico border fence and is an obvious jab at Trump's attack on Mexican immigrants and his promise to build a "beautiful wall". 

The latest project is aptly titled, "The Emperor Has No B-s". An INDECLINE spokesman, who remains anonymous; revealed to the Washington Post that this "The Emperor Has No B-s" has been four months in the making. It was also inspired in part by the Hans Christian Anderson classic, "The Emperor's New Clothes". The project also speaks to the history of dictators erecting larger than life monuments in their likenesses. 

"Like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture right now", the INDECLINE spokesman said. “Looking back in history, that’s how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time — with statues.”


INDECLINE commissioned Las Vegas based artist "Ginger" to create the statues. Ginger is recognized for his work designing monsters for horror films and haunted houses. Ginger told the Washington Post, "Trump is just yet another monster, so it was absolutely in my wheelhouse to be able to create these monstrosities

Ginger was very deliberate in the choices he made in depicting Trump.  The statutes are oddly shaped as a way to disarm Trump's unflinching confidence. The statues are missing an essential part of the male reproductive system indicating Trump's true masculinity as he's been known to attack women and those he's deemed weak. Ginger also carved hidden messages into the reptilian like skin of the figures. You may also notice the Masonic ring on the right hand that represents privilege and elitism. 

The statues are meant to be jarring and unflattering, symbolizing how Trump's political stances have come across to his detractors. Ironically Ginger revealed to the Washington Post that he was once a Trump supporter but the more familiar he got with the mogul, the more resentment he felt. 

The statues don't have a set date on when they will be taken down. However as of this writing there are reports that one of the statutes has been removed from the San Francisco area. We'll see how long Trump's rabid supporters will allow this art to remain in public view. There's also the matter of when not if Trump will respond to this latest attack on his character and more importantly to his public image. Check out a behind the scenes visual c/o INDECLINE below and stay tuned for more news. 

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