The Streetwear Playoff---Four Will Enter, One Will Be Crowned Champ

The Streetwear Playoff---Four Will Enter, One Will Be Crowned Champ
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Every year College football releases a preseason poll of the top 25 teams in the country.  The poll never ends the way it started because there are upsets, injuries, stars that emerge from out of nowhere and teams that get hot at the right time. At the end of the season the top four teams get to battle it out for the title of National Champion. What if we could crown the true champion of men’s streetwear? First we’ll rank the top streetwear brands and let the final four battle head to head for the title of Streetwear Champion.

The Top 4


Coming in at number four is Off White, created by Virgil Abloh. Abloh was once known as Kanye West’s right hand man. He learned side by side with Kanye and helped him with most of his creative projects. Abloh’s early work in streetwear was the controversial Pyrex Brand. He took the aesthetics of Pyrex Brand and transitioned into Off-White, one of the hottest up and coming brands in the game.  Off-White’s debut collection featured the line, “The Youth Always Win”. 


Inspired by the tradition and philosophy of Japanese carpenters, Japanese designer TET created WTAPS (pronounced “double taps”) in 1996. “ TET’s philosophy, “Shape determines how an item will be used. I believe this is what design can do. "Placing things where they should be" on the assumption that necessity would dictate its use.” WTAPS is designed with the sentiment of “placing things where they should be”.  WTAPS should be placed at the top of everyone’s streetwear list.


Antisocial Social Club of most mysterious brands ever to hit the scene.  The mystery behind the brand has generated an insane amount of hype. The collection features an array of simple dad hats, coaches jackets and t-shirts. Nothing in their collection seems to be connected but the fact that it’s not connected. Their site doesn’t have product description and every item is sold out. Antisocial Social Club will continue to be one of the hottest brands as long as we don’t know what it truly is.


What can be said about Supreme that hasn’t already been said? Supreme arguably started the industry of online re-selling. What started as a skate brand is now one of the most influential brands in streetwear of all-time.  They are the blueprint of streetwear and have managed to hold on to hype for years. Every collection they drop, sells out. Established in 1994 out of New York, Supreme is now worldwide and here to stay.

On The Outside Looking In:


One of the O.G.s of streetwear, a brand built on surf, skate and street culture. Stussy has stood the test of time but their recent collections have been hit and miss.


A Japanese brand inspired by political themes and stitched with social angst. Undercover has been on the low for a minute but it might not last too much longer. 


You might be wondering why a sneaker brand is being mentioned on a list of streetwear brands. Adidas has aligned their brand with designer Yohji Yamamoto, superstar entertainer Pharrell, and hip hop icon Kanye West. Adidas  lifestyle collections are pushing the boundaries of streetwear. 



Off-White has enjoyed recent hype but Supreme has managed to capture hype. Supreme edges out Off-White by a large margin and advances to the championship.


In a battle of the known versus the unknown it’s easy to see how WTAPS could pull off an upset. Antisocial Social Club doesn’t have the depth that WTAPS but they’re like the Oregon Ducks of streetwear. It’s hard to prepare for something you haven’t seen. Antisocial Social Club beats WTAPS in a thriller.



It’s a battle of consistency versus mystery. Supreme is a hype controller whereas Antisocial Social Club is a hype creator. The brands thrive on hype but hype isn’t the only thing that creates success. Supreme wins this battle because they not only have mastered hype but they’ve also mastered collaborations. There isn’t an Antisocial Social Club and Jordan collaboration, yet.





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